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Main Features

Keep your transaction record organized and automated

Capture all the important data for your transactions and tranches including equity, debt and convertible instruments

Calculate valuations, ownership percentages, price per share and much more

Utilize the automation of MoIC and IRR calculations

Spend zero time consolidating the data on the fund level

Track distributions, capital calls and NAV

See the progression of all the important fund metrics, including TVPI, DPI, RVPI, IRR, Multiple to cost, and much more

View the most important values on powerful, customizable dashboards

Give your portfolio monitoring & data collection workflow a significant boost

Upgrade your KPI monitoring workflow from sending spreadsheets by email

Receive structured data, (numbers, amounts and percentages) directly in the platform

Collect files and documents as attachments and store them in a tag-driven data room

Make the (reporting) life of your portfolio companies easier

Every portfolio company has access to their own simplified platform

Separate interface for actuals, budgets and forecasts brings even more insight

The platform can easily be used to send reports to all other investors outside of VESTBERRY

Gain crucial insight, by slicing and dicing the data. So easy, yet so powerful

Access endless analytic possibilities, without the need to export / import the data

Break down your portfolio using multi-factor analysis. Understand MoC by industry or amount invested vs. fair value and much more

See how your portfolio would perform without certain companies

Find the most profitable patterns in your portfolio

Identify sectors where you are losing money

Combine the transaction details, metrics and KPIs into quarterly LP reports

Coming soon: Create your PDF reports using our reporting module leveraging an Excel Add-in (Plugin)

Highly customisable layout and content thanks to the ability to create your template in Excel. Load the data into your reports automatically, directly from Vestberry.

Brand the reports with your logo and colors

Let our software work for you

High level
of automation

Manual data processing is time consuming, not effective and prone to error. Increase your effectiveness by automating your workflow.

Fast and effective

The implementation process is fast and effective. We migrate your existing data into our platform, create user accounts, and instruct your team to use them.


Our monthly subscription pricing policy takes the fund size into account, which ensures that our solution is affordable also for smaller VC funds.

& modularity

Every fund has a different workflow with unique fund structure and own needs. Our product will match your workflow thanks to our flexible approach.

Import & export
office documents

Our system lowers the need to create, share and update robust excel spreadsheets. However, you always can export or import spreadsheets if you need.

Invest Europe
& ILPA compliance

VESTBERRY reports are in-line with ILPA and Invest Europe reporting guidelines to ensure high level of compliance and trustworthiness.


This platform is genius! I think this is the future. I really look forward to this platform. We have been looking for such platform for a long time.

Fund and Investor Controlling Manager


Events & Media

PWC Switzerland placed us within 5 promising startups from F10 Accelerator and made a short interview with us

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We have been invited to speak about VESTBERRY at CE-STAR-UPS DAY 2018 in London

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Our CEO Marek made it to the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 chart in Slovakia!

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We are the WINNERS of the Fintech category for Slovak Central European Startup Awards!

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We will present VESTBERRY at Wealth 2.0 conference in London on 28-29 November 2018!

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We have talked about or Software and technology stack at FINTECH Code Fest in Bratislava

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A nice write-up about F10 accelerator programme we attended by Swisslicon Valley

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Meet our CEO Marek at upcoming 0100 Conference in Prague

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